Some of you may have seen me play and talk about Salsa on the drums before but I thought I’d revisit the subject and put out a series of lessons covering some of the basics and how I approach playing this style of music. It is a style of music I’ve grown to love. I’m by no means the definitive expert but I feel confident enough to be able to hold my own. But it didn’t just happen.

I learned to play this stuff by making mistakes, getting told off and learning from it. That said, no one really ever told me EXACTLY what to play and when. Well, at least it never seemed that simple. So, I’ve decided to do just that.

The point of these lessons is simple. WHAT to play when you’re not sure what to play and WHEN to play it. This first lesson will be covering what to play in the verse of a salsa tune. We cover the basic stuff from clave to cascara and how the drumkit as we know it manages to ‘fit’ into a band loaded with percussion instruments.

Cuban music is a MASSIVE subject. This is a start at least.

Hope you enjoy the lesson!

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