This drum lesson is the final part of our series on fills using single strokes in the hands and doubles in the feet. Essentially, we now take the two primary stickings we’ve learned – a group of 4 (RLFF) and a group of 6 (RLRLFF) and join them together across a few different subdivisions. You’ll see there’s some real fun to be had with this idea and once you move the ideas around the drums, you’ll sound like you’re slamming out some seriously complicated stuff that in reality, isn’t quite that complex – ah, the allusion of the drums sometimes 😉


I do love that you can take one idea and do so much with it. It’s the great drummers that do this – with EVERYTHING. It’s about taking it a step further. This lesson and the series of four that preceded it is just the start! It’s now up to you to step it up. Try the fills with different combinations, with a different groove or time feel, style etc. There are so many possibilities.

 I really hope you got something out of this series.

Enjoy the vid.


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