This lesson is Part 2 of 5 in a series looking at playing single strokes on the drums and doubles in the bass drum.

A key difference here is that now we put the same four note sticking from part 1 (RLFF) and put it over 16th note triplets. Since we’re putting a group of 4 notes over groups of 6 notes, the sticking crosses the bar. Essentially, we end up with two 6-note stickings before the right hand comes back around to being on the downbeat again (RLFFRL FFRLFF).

From here, we look at moving that new 16th note triplet sticking around the drums using the toms as a starting point. Once you’re comfortable with the feel of the triplets, you can look at combinations that don’t sound as predictable. The easiest way to get this happening is to distribute the single stroke across two drums rather than the one. This ‘splitting’ really creates fills that sound a lot more complicated than they really are.

Finally, since it’s sure to be needed, we use the original sticking (RLFF) over 32nd notes. You’ll need to work on your right foot for this one. I’m still at it that’s for sure. You can use the splitting toms idea over the 32nds too.

Use the PDF for reference. Hope you enjoy the lesson.


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