Here’s a lesson that is a continuation of a lesson I’ve done on the flam. The Flam Tap is a very close relative!

Essentially, think of this. When I teach a student for the first time, the first thing we do is Single Strokes and Double Strokes. Well, when I teach flams, I do the same thing. The Flam Tap is exactly a double stroke roll with a flam at the beginning of each double stroke. Yes, simple in theory but in practice, it can be a little trickier. If you actually count the grace note, you end up with not two strokes per hand but three in fact. This makes for a much more challenging rudiment and often, you’ll see drummers using finger strokes and rebound (check out a lesson on this here) to get the flam tap up to tempo.

As I’ve mentioned before, flam rudiments work the hands and wrists like no other so check it out and I hope you get something from this lesson.

PS: did I mention the flam tap makes for some killer fills? Check out the video below and don’t forget the free PDF.

Enjoy the vid.


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