This is a cool concept in where you take a standard beat (say a Hip Hop beat) and instead of playing it with a straight feel, you make the off beats a little late and it swings. Sounds very hip… hop.
If this doesn’t mean a whole lot at the moment, not to stress. The video lesson goes through the process of how to make something swing. And no not swing in the traditional sense but putting a little bounce on the straight ahead groove you already play be it hip hop, rock, funk etc. It takes a little getting used to but then you realise just how many tunes have this swing on the grooves and how this concept is a necessity for any drummer. Hope you enjoy!


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  1. Hi Adrian.
    I liked your lesson on swinging the Hip Hop groove, well done mate.
    The PDF really help simplify the concept also.
    Thanks so much.
    Gary from Wynyard, Tasmania.

  2. Thank you for the great lesson. Your teaching is clear and is sequenced well. The PDF was invaluable in illustrating the concept.

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