steve_gaddA lesson rather close to my heart. The fill that transformed my playing. The man I most learned it from.
For many, Steve Gadd is the ultimate and quintessential drummer. He’s tasteful, precise and knows exactly what to play when it’s needed. He plays for the music and he does it well.

For me, Gadd is a ‘must check out’ for any drummer. He showed me an approach to the drums I hadn’t seen before and how the little things can be so cool. Then there was this fill. After I learned this – and the correct technique required to execute it effectively, it quickly became my go to triplet fill and I still use the heck out of it on gigs. It’s almost always appropriate and works in so many styles and feels.


And this is just ONE fill…

It’s basically a 6-note sticking with some accents. Check out the video and then check out some footage of Gadd and see if you can see where he’s using it. There’s many applications for this fill and once you’re onto it, you’ll do as I did and use it flat out. Check out the PDF for notation.

Cheers Steve Gadd. You’re the man.

Enjoy the vid.


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