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Thought I’d share a cool AND useful fill with you. It’s a very simple alternative if you don’t have a double bass drum pedal but you still want to pull out a flashy type fill. The concept is easy. A double stroke with the right hand on the floor tom and a double stroke with the bass drum.

In the lesson I demonstrate the fill in two different ways. The first way is to use the fill in the right hand/bass drum while your left hand alternates between the hi-hat and snare drum outlining the groove and backbeat. The second way is to the use the fill on its own in between a different groove. Both sound cool.


Depending on where you are with your playing there could be some challenges:

1. Double stroke with your hands – making the second stroke as clear as the first on a surface with less rebound
2. Double stroke with your feet – the endless battle…
3. Coordinating the left hand to play over the fill – left hand doesn’t usually play the roll of the right hand in a groove etc.

Should you wish too, you could reverse the fill and use your left hand and left foot (!). Have fun with that one! Or even just alternate your hands. Either way, there’s options.

I like this fill. It is flashy for the sake of being flashy but hey, that’s ok too right?

Enjoy the vid.


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  1. Am a great fun of your lessons and i like them very much.Please continue giving us wonderful lessons Adrian……..

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