This drum lesson deals with a popular sticking that is very useable around the drums and can become one of the fills you use all the time.

The essence of this fill is a sticking. A sticking is any combination of your hands and feet repeated over to create a lick, idea and fill. It can be anything. This lesson deals with:

RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, FOOT (R L R F) – the foot in this case being the bass drum. Start slow to get comfortable with the idea of your bass drum fitting just neatly at the end of the sticking as sometimes this can be tricky. When you have the basic fill happening, use the video and PDF below to explore some of the ideas over the drums. There are limitless combinations so be sure to have an experiement and see what other ideas you can come up with. The more drums you have, the more ideas can be explored.

I look forward to hearing how you went with this. Hope you enjoy the lesson!


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