A really effective fill – this simple sticking RLF is easily moveable around the drums due to the fact that you can split the hands up.
So it’s triplets again for this one and it’s super important to keep the speed slow while you’re learning this to ensure that the triplets don’t become sloppy when you speed them up. Another reason is that the bass drum can be a little tricky to fit at the end of the sticking when you begin to move the hands around the drums. It’s funny how different sounds can throw you off so keep it real for a bit and gradually speed it up. Check out the lesson video for how to take it a step further and use the three note sticking in 16th notes. Look forward to hearing your comments on how you went with it!
Enjoy the lesson.


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  1. Adrien
    You always seem to nail the topic on the head. Always struggling to keep everything evenly spaced as tempo increase s. And yes, I thought I was imagining and was just that hearing moving to different sources playing with my head. Great bonham stuff.. thankx again

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