This is a great concept and relatively easy to get happening quickly once you have the basic stickings down.

The idea is to get you experimenting on the drums and really improvising. It’s hard to do this without playing the same stuff you already play by default. So, by taking these two simple stickings and combining them, you’ll sound like you’re playing stuff that’s complicated. But it isn’t and anybody can learn it.

Two stickings:    R L L         R L

Play them in triplets or in semiquavers. The right hand will move around the drums. There are stacks of combinations and ways of executing it on the drums. Try toms, cymbals, hats etc. Start with one sticking and then the other. Then combine.

When you’re feeling confident, you can check out the next step by adding another two stickings –

R R L         R

These really make things interesting but they can also be a little harder to play at first. Try writing a couple of ideas down. Check out the PDF for this lesson to get going first though.

Hope you enjoy this lesson.


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