IMG_8219The Inward Paradiddle is just a shifted variation of the standard Single Paradiddle we all know and love. I actually tend to use the Inward Paradiddle even more than the single paradiddle these days. The way accents naturally fall within the sticking makes it a funky alternative to use when playing grooves or fills. This lesson looks at some of the ways to approach applying the inward paradiddle on the drums.

Take a Single Paradiddle – RLRR LRLL. Think of it as two halves. If you play from the last right hand in the second half you get this – RLLR LRRL. This is the Inward Paradiddle. In theory, this couldn’t be simpler. However, in practice, your hands will be so used to playing RLRR LRLL that the moment you try another version, they default back to the Single Paradiddle.

There’s a couple of strategies to help deal with this. The most obvious is to play the new paradiddle very slowly with a metronome with gradual increases in tempo until it starts to feel comfortable. No rocket science needed.

The other method is what I call ‘perspectives’. This is where you look at what each of the hands is doing individually. Take the image below. You can see the full paradiddle (Fig A) and then what the rhythms would be if you took away one hand at a time (Figs B and C).
I found that I could learn the paradiddle faster by playing the prospective pattern with one hand and then getting the other hand to “Fill the gaps”. I’ve actually done a whole lesson on this concept too – check it out here. The only downside with learning a new paradiddle through perspectives is that you now have one hand that is generally emphasised or accented. In practice, you’d like to be able to choose which notes are accented etc.

This is where the applications used in this lesson really come into play. Once you’re feeling comfortable with the Inward Paradiddle start putting in accents and then applying them onto the drums. The basic concept is as follows.

1. Everything on snare drum – all accents and ghost notes
2. RH accents on Floor Tom | LH accents on Rack Tom | Non-accents (ghost notes) on snare drum
3. RH accents on Ride Cymbal with bass drum | LH accents on Crash Cymbal with bass drum | Non-accents (ghost notes) on snare drum

This application works for any accent pattern at all. It’s a fantastic way of seeing what the possibilities are. There are many variations – extra drums, using the hi-hat etc.

Finally, you can play these as a groove too. RH on Hi-Hats and LH on snare as normal. RH accents on the hi-hat get a bass drum underneath and snare drum accents as normal. Check it out, it’s very cool and oh so very usable.

So check out the Inward Paradiddle. It’s a killer!

Enjoy the vid.


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