Sometimes, we just want to get more ideas for new fills. Hell, I know I do. So, ladies and gentlemen, here’s a little one I call the Handy Triplet Fill.

As the name suggests, it tends to just pop up when I need it. It always sounds more complicated than it is and although, yes, it requires a little technique to execute well, anyone can get it happening. It’s based on two pretty simple stickings and when joined together and put with a groove give a really cool fill in 16th note triplets that works over a stack of different situations. Another bonus is that because the fill isn’t a full on crazy loud thing – in fact it’s quite tasteful – it’s a good one to use in any sort of song if you need to step it up slightly.

There’s a 6 note sticking and a 3 note sticking. When joined, they don’t fit perfectly into 4/4 time so you’ll find the fill crossing the beat. Check out the PDF for some of the examples I play in the lesson video and see how you might be able to do it on your kit.

Let me know how you go with this one.

Enjoy the lesson.

Click here to download your exclusive PDF

  1. Hello, Adrian, thanks for your lesson, you simplify the lesson for me, i need the series on fills using single strokes and double bass

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