This lesson is Part 3 of our series on fills using Single strokes in the hands and doubles in the feet.
We take it a little step further and really concentrate on the sticking RLRLFF – a 6 note sticking that we used in 16th note triplets in Part 2. In this lesson we do that too but also use regular 16th notes and 32nd notes for a challenge. As 16th notes and 32nd notes are based on groups of 4, our now group of 6 is going to feel interesting.

The key to the hands is a simple rudiment called the Four stroke ruff. Literally just RLRL, it’s easy to get happening quickly. The challenge comes from trying to fit the two bass drum strokes straight after the ruff. This is where the slow and steady practice comes in.

I go through some variations I like to use including a slightly fancy cross sticking pattern that isn’t super hard to learn but does look ‘flashy’. Always a fun thing.

Enjoy the vid.


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