This sticking is one of my favourites. I find that once you have the double stroke in the left hand happening, you can speed it up rather quickly.

I love stickings that allow you to just move at ease. This one is definitely one of those stickings. This is because when you’re doing R L L F – the right hand is on the beat and doesn’t need to play again in the sticking. This means you have plenty of time to get to another drum or sound. The left hand is usually played soft on the snare and fills the gaps between the right hand and the bass drum, which is on the last part of the sticking. Like always, start slow and move the right hand over the toms etc. You’ll find that when it becomes comfortable, you’ll be able to speed it up. Try not to concentrate on the left hand too much as it’s really just bouncing ghost notes.

Hope you enjoy the lesson!


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