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Technique Lesson | Brushes

Here we have a lesson on Brushes!
Stay with me here…
Brushes are highly underrated these days. Yes, there’s the tendency to associate them with ‘Jazz’ …

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Technique Lesson | Brushes | Other Options

Here’s another instalment on Brushes!
In this follow up lesson from our first Brushes lesson, I go over some other options you can experiment with …

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Article | Essential Flam Rudiments

Often overlooked for being boring on the surface, the flam rudiments, whilst having that traditional ‘military’ type sound do have some hidden talents that …

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Setting Up | Pearl Export Drum Kit From Scratch

Have you just bought your first kit? Maybe you’ve got a kit but need some advice on setting it up?
This video is for you!
This …

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FREE Rudiments Guide

15 essential rudiments

The 15 essential rudiments that every drummer including YOU should know…