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Rudiments/Motion | Getting Around The Drums

Find yourself playing the same old fills all the time? Well, this lesson could be just for you.
This lesson is a simple one in …

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Groove | Jazz Comping Part 2

This is a sequel lesson following on from my first Jazz Comping lesson.
Comping is an essential part of Jazz drumming and the fact that …

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Groove | Jazz Comping Part 1

Jazz drumming is a massive subject. It takes years just to get through the basics. But you have to start somewhere and this short …

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Essential Techniques Pt2 | Basic Rudiments/Independence

This lesson is a continuation of another lesson on Essential Techniques.
My first series of lessons with a new student revolve around rudiments and from …

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FREE Rudiments Guide

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 FREE Essential Rudiments Guide

The 15 essential rudiments that every drummer including YOU should know…

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